Welcome to the Articles section of the So Cal Broncos website. This is an ongoing project to document and preserve the history of So Cal Broncos while also providing current content and useful information. The Articles section uses the Blog function of this WordPress-based website, so it serves as a great content management system for archiving, cataloguing, and serving information.

So far, I (Dusty Sharp, your intrepid webmaster) have been working toward uploading the past twenty years of photos I have in my personal collection, from almost every major So Cal Broncos event or run. While I’m using some tools that make it easier, such as a SmugMug/WordPress integration plugin, it is still rather tedious work so it may be a while before the photo archives are caught up. At the time I’m writing this, I’ve gotten as far as Big Bear Bronco Bash V in 2006 (I’m working forward from the beginning in 2001). That’s only five years into the history of SCB, but there are already dozens of events and thousands of photos catalogued here. While some of it requires a bit of digging to get to (more on that in a bit), the scope of the collection here is becoming quite impressive. I expect that it will be one of the largest online repositories of Early Bronco trail and event photos in the world.

About that “digging”. I’ll be working on ways to make the photos and articles more easily navigable soon. For now you just have to scroll backwards in time, or use the loose category links on the right. But I’ve been tagging each post with keywords so I can implement some more useful widgets for finding and browsing. For example, if you are interested in Holcomb Creek Trail, there will be an easy way to bring up every article in the archive that contains photos and information regarding that trail (for example, This Link returns every article with that tag).

Even when I’m done uploading everything I have, it will of course still be incomplete because it’s missing YOUR photos and stories. So of course, that’s where you can help. If you have old, not-so-old, or even current photos from any So Cal Broncos event, I would love to have them here in this collection. I can either add them to existing galleries or create new ones if needed. While I’ve been to many So Cal Broncos runs over the years, including every Big Bear Bronco Bash, I haven’t made every one of the smaller runs and of course even at BBBB I could only be on one trail at a time. So my personal photo collections do not cover the whole story. I hope you can help us fill in that coverage. If you have something to contribute please email me at polvofiloso@gmail.com and we’ll make arrangements to get your content into these pages.

But this Articles section isn’t only about photos from past So Cal Broncos events. I’d like to pepper it with all sorts of useful information such as tech writeups, trail information, general Bronco history and info, off-roading tips and tricks, camping and overlanding, Broncos in motorsports, etc. So if you would like to contribute an article on just about any Bronco-related subject, let me know. I would love for this to be a group effort.

In the meantime, feel free to peruse the collection so far. There’s a ton of great stuff in there already!


P.S. In case you’re wondering, I’ve been picking away at building out this website for a while now, time permitting. I haven’t said much about it yet because its still a bit bare-bones. But my goal is to have a home on the web for So Cal Broncos that is independent of any finicky social media and big tech companies. We’ve already lost our original home on Yahoo, and many of those who then migrated to Facebook are now taking refuge elsewhere. While we’re maintaining a presence on a variety of platforms to suit everyone, I think its important that we have our own home on the Internet that is not beholden to any of them.