One of the two trails leading over the ridge from Big Bear down into the Santa Ana River Gorge (the other being Clark’s Grade), Forest Service Road 2N06 begins at Skyline Drive (2N10) near the top of the Snow Summit Ski Area. There is a long, mostly gentle descent to the valley below, ending at Converse Station near the Santa Ana River. Along the way are wide-open views of the valley and Mount San Gorgonio.

Trail Map

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Difficulty grade: Easy
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Trail Rating: EASY

Easy trails are suitable for stock 4X4’s as well as 2WD trucks and SUV’s with sturdy tires and good ground clearance. These may include seldom-maintained forest roads with occasional mild obstacles including ruts from runoff, mild rocky sections and moderate grades. Some sort of traction control device such as a limited slip in at least one differential may be helpful in some places but careful tire placement should suffice for 2WD vehicles with an open diff. Airing down is generally not necessary but may be beneficial for ride comfort. As road conditions may change, travel in groups and carry recovery and emergency equipment.