Forest Service Road 3N93 runs along Holcomb Creek, from its intersection with the easy, well-traveled 3N14 on the east end north of Fawnskin, until it meets with 3N16 at its west end north of Green Valley Lake. The trail may be ran in either direction, with several major and minor rock gardens, creek crossings and hill climbs along the way.

Trail Map

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  • Created: March 20, 2021 6:50 pm
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Difficulty grade: Difficult
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Trail Rating: DIFFICULT

Difficult trails are best tackled in a lifted 4X4 with at least 35″ tires and two lockers, at least one of which is a “hard” locker. Sturdy bumpers and body armor are recommended to prevent sheet metal damage, especially in the rocker panel area. Airing down will be necessary. Recovery operations should be expected, so it is recommended to have at least one winch in the group as well as recovery straps and suitable attachment points on all vehicles. Fuel, brakes, steering and cooling systems should all be in top shape. Travel in groups and be prepared for emergencies. Carry extra food, water, warm clothes and lighting, and be prepared for a long day on the trail, possibly stretching into night.