This short loop is only a mile long but boasts several fairly technical obstacles. Consisting of Forest Service roads 2N70Y and 2N69Y, the route begins and ends off of the more heavily used 2N02, Burns Canyon Road in Rattlesnake Canyon. It makes for a nice addition to any run through the area, such as Round Valley, Heartbreak Ridge, or the return trip from Pioneertown or lower Rattlesnake Canyon. Note that the Forest Service calls this loop “Rattlesnake Canyon OHV Road,” but here we give it the slightly different name of Rattler Loop to differentiate it from the well-known section of lower Rattlesnake Canyon, which is more popularly known by that name. Some trail guides call this loop Sidewinder trail, but within So Cal Broncos that would conflict with what we know as Sidewinder, which those outside of SCB call Mottino Wash.

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  • Author: Dusty
  • Created: April 7, 2022 4:49 pm
Difficulty grade: Moderate
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Trail Rating: MODERATE

Moderate trails are best suited for upgraded 4X4’s with at least one traction device, preferably a “hard” locker, and at least 33″ tires. Body damage is not likely, however rocker panel protection may come in handy for the occasional obstacle. Airing down for traction is recommended, so tire deflators and a method to air back up would be helpful. Trails may also get a Moderate rating for having long, sustained climbs which may tax cooling systems. Be sure your vehicle is in good working order, travel in groups and carry recovery gear and emergency equipment.

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