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[Sticky] READ THIS FIRST! Rules of Conduct in The Third Rail

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The Third Rail is the place for all controversial or potentially controversial discussion. This includes ALL discussion of politics, religion, race, gender identity etc, which expressly so not belong anywhere else in this forum. Any discussions of "adult" themes or issues should stay confined to The Third Rail. Foul language is OK in here. HOWEVER, though the rules are lax, always still treat your fellow So Cal Broncos brothers and sisters with respect. No hate speech or promotion of hate ideology will be tolerated.  For example, while it is OK to discuss topics of race, gender identity, etc., absolutely no racist or bigoted speech will be tolerated.  No badgering or personal attacks. Likewise, don't get offended if you see something in here you disagree with. Feel free to engage in civil, respectful debate, or simply move on if you can't do that. By entering The Third Rail you expressly proclaim that YOU ARE UN-OFFENDABLE.  But if you feel that something that has been posted is a violation of these rules, please contact the admin.  If you want to discuss these rules, make suggestions or ask for clarification, feel free to do so in this thread.

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